Travel Diary - 2014 NSW road trip - Day 11 - Kiama to Sydney

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I am writing yesterdays blog post in retrospect as I didn’t get chance to do it yesterday....and I am posting it about a week later!  I woke early to photograph sunrise and for the first time this trip it did not look like rain was pending!  The horizon looked fairly clear in most directions.  There were still a few clouds around but not as many as the previous week.

I headed to the rock pool at Kiama where I shot 4 film frames and some timelapse footage.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) my intervalometer ran out of battery so I only got half of what I was hoping.  However, it meant that it ran out before I did a long timelapse in Sydney so that is good.

We packed up and headed back up to Saddleback Mountain to check it out in blue skies.  It was beautiful.  We went to the lookout up the top.


Harry decided he wanted to hang off the railing!

We headed back down, but on the way I took two film shots.  Harry and Cecily also got up close and personal with a horse.


We headed to the markets at Kiama.  They were huge!



We then ate morning tea and headed to Sydney.  Below is a shot of the view from our morning tea location.


After negotiating the Sydney traffic and avoiding road closures due to a protest march, we checked into our hotel room.  Fortunately we got a room upgrade!  We booked a standard 2 bedroom apartment.  We were upgraded to a 3 bedroom sky view apartment!  It may have had something to do with me writing ‘could we have your best view please’ on the comments section of the online booking form.  Harry got straight into the kitchen items...

Coincidentally, Chi & Suzanne were staying in Sydney this weekend for a wedding.  We had planned to head to Chi & Suzanne’s unit to meet up, have dinner and photograph (as they had a view overlooking Sydney Harbour). 


Harry and Ava had fun playing.



I took 10 film frames and a timelapse on my digital SLR.  Unfortunately I had a few technical difficulties with the timelapse (which were of my own doing).  Anyway I realised and fixed it about half way through.


We walked back to our hotel room, put Harry to bed and went to bed ourselves.


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