Travel Diary - 2014 NSW road trip - Day 10 - Kiama

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This morning I didn’t need my alarm to wake me.  I had set ut for 5:40am but Harry woke at 5:30am.  I looked outside and the weather looked quite poor for photography.  Despite this I got ready and headed out to the location I was planning to photograph at.  It was cloudy, rainy and windy…not ideal photography conditions.  I decided therefore, to turn around and go back to bed.  When I got home Harry was back asleep.  I went back to bed and dozed for a while.


When we all awoke, conditions weren’t much better.  We sat down and had breakfast.  Harry spotted some birds outside and as he does pointed and said ‘bird bird’, so we let him stand at the window and watch them.





During breakfast I got a phone call from Chi about plans for Sunday.  Chi, Suzanne and Ava are in Sydney for the weekend so we are going to meet up at their apartment.  They should have some good views from their accommodation.  Below is a photo Cecily took of me multitasking – feeding Harry while talking to Chi.


Photo of me on phone


Cecily and Harry did some colouring in this morning!





Once we had finished breakfast and got ready for the day it was still rainy and overcast…but we decided to head to the shops anyway.  On our way there we noticed that the sea was quite rough.  We headed to the blow hole to check it out.  It was blowing higher than yesterday!





Just before we were going to leave there, the sun pooped out and another rainbow appeared!





We walked around the shops and got wet!  We headed home and had lunch.  Harry enjoyed his vegemite sandwich.






The shopping bags we got at shopping were wet from the rain so we had to try to dry them.  I thought hanging them from the ceiling fan was a good idea.  Harry thought it was funny. 





We had a rest this afternoon.  When we awoke there was a little bit of blue sky.  This was the view from the caravan park we were staying at.





This afternoon we headed up Saddleback Mountain Reserve via Old Saddleback Mountain Road.  The road had heaps of good dry stone walls.  Unfortunately the weather was poor.  In good light that area would look so beautiful (well it was pretty in cloudy weather anyway!).   At the top we got out and had a look at the lookout – it was a total white out!





 There was a cool stable up there with horses and some old oaks.



We headed back down and went to the small blow hole at Kiama.





We then just drove around Kiama as the sun was poking out and I was looking for some photographic opportunities.  Anyway, we ended up at the blow hole which had a rainbow above it!




We headed home, had dinner, wrote the blog and the plan is to go to bed.  Tomorrow we head to Sydney!


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