Travel Diary - 2014 NSW road trip - Day 8 - Central Coast Day 2

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Today started with waking up to the sound of rain…again!  I decided to head out to photograph anyway.  I headed to The Skillion at Terrigal again as I wanted to get some seascapes from there on film.  When I arrived it was not raining but it was too dark for any photography.  I waited in the car…and it started raining…and raining…and raining!  It did not relent!  It was quite heavy.  I sat there watching a fairly nice sunrise with no opportunity to photograph as it was so wet!  I thought I’d try to take a few shots in the wet…but after opening my door for 1 second and getting drenched I decided against that idea.  I got one of Cecilys waterproof jackets (that just happened to be in the car) and put it over my head and fired off a few digital shots from the car park.  Other than that I took a few shots out of the windscreen.



I got home, had breakfast (just porridge this morning) and then got ready.  Harry wore a photography shirt. J



We headed to Avoca beach.  The surf there was huge!  There were a few surfers who were braving the massive swell.



We then headed to Terrigal to walk to the top of the skillion.  Harry fell asleep on the drive there and surprise surprise, it started raining.  We just sat there and watched the waves crash into the shore.  The rain cleared so Cecily and I took it in turns walking up to the top of the skillion.


We drove back to the beach at Terrigal and sat and had morning tea overlooking the beach.



We then went and had a look at the shops.  We headed home and had some lunch.  After a busy few days we decided to just stay at home in the afternoon.  This was a good decision as I was feeling quite off.  I think I may have picked up some food poisoning as I spent most of the afternoon laying down in bed or in the bathroom.  I am feeling much better now.  It is kind of ironic though that the afternoon we stayed at home was probably the most blue sky we’ve seen all trip! 


While I was feeling sorry for myself and trying to rest, Cecily took H to the play equipment at the caravan park.  During a 10 minute period of feeling OK I went and visited them.  Harry loved watching Cecily play on this digger!



Later in the afternoon I was feeling better so I ventured to Long Jetty for sunset.  There were 3 other photographers there.  It was good to see a sunset, but I can never be pleased – a few more clouds would have been better.  There was some fairly low cloud which was moving quite quickly which lit up at sunset but it didn’t hang around for long.  I took a timelapse and 2 film frames. 

While I went out to photograph sunset H and Cecily went for a walk to Avoca Beach.

Editors note: With a view to ensuring we don't run out of internet data I have reduced the image size and quality for today's blog.


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