Travel Diary - 2014 NSW road trip - Day 6 - Forster to Central Coast

August 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I’m writing for yesterdays blog today as I was too tired last night and I needed to get to bed.  Yesterday we woke at Forster to a rainy morning.  We packed up our gear and Harry decided to show off his new shirt from the Pet Porpoise pool while playing with a saucepan lid!



We ventured into Forster to get a map of the central coast region.  On the way we drove past this funky looking café, so we each ordered a breakie roll and a coffee.  They didn’t do rice milk, so Cecily bought a long black and added our own milk.  We got a map and ventured on our way.



The majority of the drive was through pouring rain…so much so that at one point we aquaplaned on a small amount of water on the road!  Harry slept most of the way to Newcastle.  It was absolutely pouring rain there!  We decided to drive around a bit to see Newcastle and then we decided to go and see Shanon Hartigan Images gallery.  He has some great shots.  I think we will stay in Newcastle on our way home.  We went to a café called Honey for lunch.



We had a pulled pork roll and shared a lemonade.  Harry had a ham sandwhich.



On our adventure south of Newcastle we decided to call into Catherine Hill Bay.  We actually got some sunshine there so we went for a walk!  The photos make the weather look deceptively good but as has been the case on other occasions, only 15 minutes later it has gone from sunshine and blue skies to very heavy dark clouds and rain.



We carried on our way to the Central Coast through the pouring rain.  We stopped off at a few places to have a look at from the car (e.g. Long Jetty, The Skillion at Terrigal) but due to the rain we just headed to our caravan park and settled in for the night…just like the rain! 



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